Wings As Eagles: Kentucky Trip Part 2: You do it on the outside, but it shows up on the inside.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kentucky Trip Part 2: You do it on the outside, but it shows up on the inside.

Thursday Krissa had to work, so that was our appointed day to do whatever we wanted in the city of Lexington. I mean, Jena and I had her apartment to ourselves and her car to drive around in - how fun does that sound?!?!

So we made our lists and started out to of all places - Wal-Mart! Well, you know, there are certain items that can't be done without for the ice cream! Jena pulled out her phone, plugged in where we wanted to go and amazingly enough, we got there! :) We had fun basically not doing a whole lot, but wondering around. :)

That evening after Krissa got home from work, we headed to Ryan's house since he was making chili there for us. While we're driving, Jena asks Krissa, "Do you notice anything different about your car?"

Krissa responds very suspiciously, "What did you do to it? Did you put a dent in it? What's not working right?" So then she starts looking all over her car (as she's driving!), looking for something that might be different or damaged or banged up.

I am telling you - she started desperately looking ALL over!

Why does she assume it's something bad?? Maybe we did something good to it?!

This pic is hard evidence that I am not the only one who does all kinds of things while I'm driving!

Then Jena said, "You do it on the outside, but it shows up on the inside." Hmmmm......

That little bit of information totally confused her!

Yeah, she's still this point, Jena and I were laughing so hard we could hardly talk!

I mean, she looked everywhere!! (Yeah, it was a slightly hazardous drive! Thank goodness I was in the backseat!)

Then Ryan calls and she informs him, "The girls did something to my car and they won't tell me what they did!"

Seriously, what could we do to a vehicle?? We aren't vandals!!

Since she was unable to figure it out, we finally had to tell her, "We filled your car up with gas! Didn't you notice the full tank??" (Therefore the "clue" makes sense. :))

These sisters and such suspicious minds they have built into their heads! ;)

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