Wings As Eagles: Kentucky Trip Part 1: The beginning, pickles and diet mt. dew

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kentucky Trip Part 1: The beginning, pickles and diet mt. dew

Finally....the day had arrived! I have so been looking forward to this trip to Kentucky to spend a week with Ryan and Krissa! I was up early Wednesday morning, packed the remainder of my stuff and finished up my business tasks for the day and was ready for the 5 hour drive to Oklahoma City!

I was really concerned about packing everything I needed to. Not only did I have to pack my clothes, etc, but also a list of things such as photos, fabric and ribbon sent to me by a certain sister of mine. ;) But I did manage to get everything in and contain it to only 46 pounds. Wow! Only thing is - I had more carry-on luggage than I really cared to have. But it worked!

We left Oklahoma City to catch a connecting flight in Detroit to Louisville, where Ryan and Krissa would be there to pick us up. We encountered a slight delay because of weather in Detroit, so we ended up just getting up in the air about the time we were supposed to be arriving. But there were only delays to worry about, no plane breaking issues! ;) Ah, well....Ryan and Krissa didn't desert us; they were waiting when we finally got there. :)

So on the drive to Lexington and Krissa's apartment, Ryan informed us that we would have plenty of pickles! An adequate supply. I know, I know, that doesn't mean much to you, but let's back up a couple of weeks for just a minute so you can understand the importance of that statement.

For the past two months, all three of us girls have been emailing back and forth about this planned trip, what we needed to accomplish while we were there and which items we would be able to cross off Krissa's wedding planning list. Well.....let me rephrase that; rather, it was Krissa emailing us, "Here's what we're going to do....", "Would you bring this when you come.....", "Oh, don't forget to bring your computer....." (fyi - I NEVER forget to bring my computer!) ;)

So in and amongst all this ordering of what we're going to do and what I'm supposed to bring to Kentucky, Krissa informs us that there will be pickles in her apartment for us. Now, that was the true and honest drawing point bringing us to Kentucky - the pickles!! Ok, we're set; we're going! And bringing whatever you want us to bring! ;)

Ok, so back to this conversation in the car after arriving in Kentucky....Ryan didn't tell us exactly how many pickles would be waiting for us, but we found out he'd been shopping for "the large jar"! Ryan had us supplied with pickles and chocolate. You can't argue with that; wouldn't you go too??? (And they are even the whole pickles!)

And what's the first thing we do upon walking through the door of Krissa's apartment? Open the fridge door. And what do we find? Pickles. Plenty of them. (Granted, not Grandma's pickles, but hey - these are second best!) And diet mt. dew. A few cans of it. (We did have to make a trip to Wal-Mart for more of that stuff!)

And that concludes our first day in Kentucky. The best part of the trip so far? Definitely the pickles and diet mt. dew. No question about it.

Oh, yeah! We really were excited to see Ryan and Krissa at the airport as well!!! Especially since they were our ride to the pickles and diet mt. dew! ;)

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