Wings As Eagles: Merely a skunk

Friday, April 30, 2010

Merely a skunk

Lady is notorious for finding four legged creatures...while they look kinda cute, they don't smell quite as nice. Such as the other night. She was barking like crazy in the front yard at this skunk.

Knowing Lady all too well, Dad locked her on the porch to prevent her from getting sprayed...again. She's had her fair share of skunk perfume in the past. :) As Dad and I watched this skunk out the front window, we could see it digging up something in the flower bed.

A rabbit. A half-eaten, dead rabbit that Lady buried there the day before. No wonder she was so upset at this skunk!! That skunk dug up that thing! Once the skunk was gone and it was safe to let Lady off the porch, she immediately ran to the front yard only to discover her "treasure" had been stolen. Poor thing!

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