Wings As Eagles: Less than 40 days!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Less than 40 days!

I can't believe it - my little sister is getting married! And it's less than 40 days away! Where have the months flown away too?? Who knows, but June 11th will be here...soon! :)

This last weekend Ryan and Krissa have started painting Ryan's and amongst all the wedding details they're trying to finalize! But to me it finally feels like wedding details are coming together...maybe! It must to Krissa as well as her text to me today read..."Finally making progress, I'm excited!"

I'm headed back to Kentucky this month for one of Krissa's showers and the main reason - to sew. By the time I get there, all the bridesmaids dresses should be there plus everything else on my sewing list. Since I'm flying, I'm planning on "swiping" Krissa's car for a day to do some sewing supply shopping (and if I find anything else fabric related, that's ok too!).

For all the latest wedding news, details and photos, check out their wedding website here:

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