Wings As Eagles: Zoo animals!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Zoo animals!

The last weekend that Luke was here (for those of you who don't know, he lives in Colorado Springs :)), we visited the Garden City Zoo with our cameras. And here's a peek at what I caught through my camera lens...

Wrinkly elephants...

Lazy lions that would not look this direction for anything!

Roadrunner - that little bird darted all over SO quickly that it was hard to catch him!

These monkeys were just hanging around - all stretched out! :)

Pink flamingos that weren't really that...uh, pink!

Kangaroos and their babies enjoying the warm sun and ignoring the fact that we would like to have a shot of them jumping rather than sacked out sleeping!

And these, rather...uh, ugly creatures. But at least this one DID like having his picture taken. He just sat there, looking out the fence at us.

Ducks...nothing too exotic, but I really like the rippling water! :)

Lots of chain fences! Especially since my camera liked focusing on that instead of what was behind the fence. :)

Cute little otters that peeked out of the rock wall...

These cute little things...whatever they are! They were baby-somethings in a dark room!

And then the humpy turtle that very slowly crawled away from us.

And the best and cutest little fluffy thing - the red panda! Isn't it adorable?! :) I want this one for a pet! You think my cats would get along with him?!?! Hmmm....

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