Wings As Eagles: Yep, more VBS!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yep, more VBS!

This last week I've had a two track mind - VBS and camp. Camp is this coming week and the next, but VBS is that third week after two week of camp, so I managed to get the majority of stuff taken care of before this weekend. And hopefully I haven't forgotten anything of major importance!

Believe me, I've had stuff all over this house, trying to get two huge events organized and sorted. When I was working on the floor surrounded by paper, boxes, sacks, paperwork and who knows what else, Dad's comment was, "You sure do have lots of stuff!"

Yep, I do. But the majority of VBS is now at the church and camp will soon be out the door! Whew!

See? That's lots! And that's only the first room! ;) Oh, and that little itty bitty stack on top the dresser? That's the beginning of wedding planning! :) Don't worry--that pile will grow! lol!!

Of course, candy!

And fun crafts!

LOTS of notes and lists!

Prizes too!

Remember all that tea-stained treasure map paper?? This is it!

Love the clipart!! I have this weakness for cute clipart images and High Seas definitely has some cute graphics!

One of my favorites - the station signs!! These are so fun!!

These took FOREVER to cut, glue and tape, but they are so adorable--can't wait to use them!!

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  1. Hey Serena!
    I have never actually commented on your blog before...but I decided I would let you know that I have been reading it for awhile now! =) I hope you don't mind! Hehe!
    I have enjoyed reading your blog, and being able to know what you have been doing!
    And, I just wanted to say Congratulations on your engagement!!! =) I am sure you are busy making wedding plans! I am happy for you.
    Well, have a good day in the Lord!
    --Abigail Bartel (I hope you still remember who I am! =) )


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