Wings As Eagles: August? Wasn't this month supposed to slow down?

Monday, August 16, 2010

August? Wasn't this month supposed to slow down?

Yeah, that's what I thought too! July--craziness! August--nothingness! What was I thinking?!?!? lol!!! Yes, perhaps not as busy as July, but plenty of things to continue to occupy my time.

It seems as though I've spent weeks catching up on email, business, orders, blogging, photos, sisters, cleaning, cooking and just plain life!! But I have to admit--I wouldn't change one thing I did in July!

Ok, so let's see.....I spent the first two weeks this month recovering from the previous events. You know, when you're physically gone for just about 4 weeks, dust tends to build up, cats tend to get lonely, and mail piles really high! ;)

Luke was here for a few days this month and we spent some time discussing wedding plans, talking, going to the rodeo, laughing, scouting out photo spots all over Dodge and just spending time together! Fun times!!! :)

This week? I'm headed to Iowa to spend a week with Joanna! I'm soooo excited! It's been a whole entire year since we've seen each other! Of course, that can't be too horrible considering the fact that we didn't even know each other the first 19 and 24 years of our lives! :)

The end of the month? Luke, Jena, Ryan and Krissa are all coming home for the weekend! All of us home at the same time--yep, it's been about a year since everyone's been home at the same time! I'm looking forward to it!

Maybe September will be normal? You think?! I'm not sure if I should plan on that or not....;)

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  1. Hey Serena!
    Nice post! Also, I liked the posts you did on Vacation Bible School and Camp Good News! Very nice! =)
    That is great that all of your family is going to be back together again at the end of the month! Have fun! =0)


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