Wings As Eagles: Set sail for our High Seas Expedition!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Set sail for our High Seas Expedition!

Set sail on the high seas at Grace Community Church! This year I had the privilege of directing Vacation Bible School at church! It was an exciting week and I enjoyed every minute and was thrilled to work with so many wonderful people using the talents and abilities God has given them! All the work over the previous weeks and months paid off--we had a great turnout of 70 different kids over all five nights eager to learn about God's Word!

The worker meals! The skits! The decorations! The music! The rotating Bible lesson room each night! The water games! The creative snacks! The unique crafts! The lists upon lists!

It took everyone working together to create a week that the kids enjoyed and learned so much! Thank you to everyone who put in so much of their talent and time into that week and the weeks before it!
Can you believe that ship and sail?!?!

Bible lesson classroom for a ship at sea! I love this one!!

Bible lesson classroom for a shipwrecked island!

Our treasure chest filled with coins and blankets which the kids bought and tied each night!

My endless check-list! ;)

Our float in the Dodge City Days parade--it was sooo neat!!!

Erinn & I!!!

It was such a treat to spend the week working with Erinn! What would I have done without her???--I just don't know!!!

Here's a sneak peek from the week that Andrew put together and there's more pics from the week here....

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