Wings As Eagles: Marvelous weekend!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Marvelous weekend!

This coming weekend just might seem a little dull compared to last weekend! Luke, Jena, Ryan and Krissa were all home last week and it was splendid! Ok, I admit, it was a little busy and crazy, but still wonderful!

Ryan and Krissa brought home pics and the video from their wedding, which was so fun to see! It's amazing to see how much you miss when you are in the wedding. Plus us girls could easily go back and say, "This is why that happened" and "Do you remember that?" and "That was crazy!" Ahhh---good times!

Plus we spent time at church, time with other family members and even managed to take family pics while everyone was together! Perfect! It worked out great!

Hopefully we got in all our laughter and chatting sessions for the year since it will be a while before Ryan and Krissa are back in Kansas. Thank goodness for facebook, email, and cell phones!

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