Wings As Eagles: That wonderful heat machine that I love...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

That wonderful heat machine that I love...

...called a laminating machine! Yep, I really do love that thing! It makes all my cutouts and posters sturdy, clean, neat and perfect! This week I had a few things to prepare for Kid's Klub (starting next week already!) at the Learning Center and so I dug through my huge stack of posters and cutouts to see what I could laminate while I was there.

I discovered I had a pile. A thick pile. Yes, quite the pile.

Ummm, yes, I know--I have enough fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, winter, spring, Bible themes and misc. posters and cutouts to use for my Sunday School classroom for a zillion years to come, BUT I just love all of them!!

And yes, I know--I said I wasn't going to buy one more single set of ANYTHING!!! But who can resist these cute little swinging monkeys?

Or this pink elephant?

Or these adorable whales?

I know I couldn't! And so these were a couple of the new sets I needed to laminate before using them over the next few seasons. I really don't mind clipping out the characters and laminating each one--it doesn't take long.

What do I get tired of doing? Cutting out ALL those pieces AFTER their laminated! Anybody want to join me for a cutting party??? I'll supply the scissors; just bring yourself!


  1. I'd help you cut out if I were a little closer.:( HOWEVER, I would REFUSE to cut out that "pink elephant" with the identity crisis because it is very clearly a HIPPO, not an elephant.;)

    Oh, BTW the monkeys are VERY FUN!!!!

  2. Yes, its defiantly a hippo. :) I'd be happy to help as well. Now you just need people who live in the same state.

  3. Ok, so the animal identity is not quite right--the main emphasis was the "cute" part! ;)


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