Wings As Eagles: They just know!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

They just know!

I'm not quite sure how, but my cats always seem to know exactly when I'm leaving! They can be anywhere in the house and the moment I get my suitcase out and into my room, they are right there! And just the sight of that suitcase tells them that I'm leaving them yet again. Smart cats. ;)

As soon as they spot my blue suitcase (I guess color really doesn't matter since cats are color blind, but if they can't see color, why do my cats like black pom poms to play with more than any other color?!?!)--anyway, once they spot my suitcase, they either sit right on top of my clothes as I'm packing if it's open. And if it's shut? Yep, they sit right on top!

On this next trip, maybe I should just pack them too....

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