Wings As Eagles: It was just a sticky situation--really!

Friday, September 17, 2010

It was just a sticky situation--really!

Kid's Klub has started once again! It's already been an exciting two weeks! There's always little issues that come up that need to be worked through the first couple of Wednesdays and the very first Wednesday was no different -- yep, a new issue Erinn and I have never faced before!

What was it?! Flimsy little star stickers that would NOT peel of the sheet for the kids to put on their charts!!

Of anything I could ever have imagined having to tackle that first day, it was never those cute little star pokadot stickers! Never! As Erinn and I were discussing how the afternoon went, one of our first comments was, "Those horrible star stickers! Who would have thought we'd be battling stickers?!?!"

So.....when I went to Oklahoma City last week, a school supply store was right next door to one of the bridal gown stores we visited and what did I stop in to find??? Yes, star stickers that peeled off quickly! Ahhhh....much better!

A sticky situation?! Yes, for sure! Who would have guessed?! ;)

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