Wings As Eagles: Perhaps a bit neglected?!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Perhaps a bit neglected?!

I think that I've neglected my blog just the littlest bit over the past few weeks. :)

--Perhaps a lack of exciting things to share? Hmmm, maybe.
--Could it be that there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything? Well yes, but I think that all year long!
--Slightly side-tacked with wedding planning and organizing? Yes, that's it!!

The last month I have to admit, that's where much of my time and focus has been. Even though my wedding is not until next May, there's some things that need to be decided and booked now. And I can't complain at all, because I'm loving every bit of it! Last month I was in both Oklahoma City and Colorado Springs for a while and the reason? Wedding related, of course! Ahhhh, but it's nice to have two larger cities to visit easily. Not only do I enjoy the greater shopping opportunities, but also seeing the people that live there. ;)

Dad's been hectically busy the last month. First with planting wheat and then harvesting milo. It seemed strange to be cutting milo in September/October as last year Dad was still cutting in December! After a couple of weeks with long days spent out in the field, he finally finished!

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