Wings As Eagles: I still make mistakes!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I still make mistakes!

Yes, I do and I had a great reminder of that last week.

In Sunday School, I had cut out black construction paper crosses and my craft project was to cover the cross with colorful shapes of paper. As we were gluing on the pieces of paper, I talked about sin and how the black color can remind us of that and that when Jesus died on the cross, he covered up or took away that sin, so therefore--the colored shapes were covering up the "black".

Then Ben informs me that he is not going to cover up all the black on his cross with the colored paper, he is going to leave some of the black showing. Why? His answer, "I still make mistakes."

I had to smile and say, "Yes, we do." Even though at the time of salvation, Jesus washes that sin away, we don't cease to sin and make mistakes. I still need to daily confess my sin, failures and mistakes to my Savior who is willing and waiting to forgive me.

And Ben reminded me of that and what he "saw" in the craft project we were doing. There was no way for each of those colored squares to cover up every single bit of that black cross--just as there is no way I can live a life free of sin. I do things I shouldn't do. I say things that I shouldn't say. I think things that I shouldn't think.

Yes, I still make mistakes.

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