Wings As Eagles: My cats jealous? Can it be true?!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

My cats jealous? Can it be true?!

My cats love me. With one exception--Luke. They have learned that when he is here, they do not have my undivided attention and they are not happy! At first when Luke started visiting, they would just run and hide when he was around. They have improved much since that time--even letting him pet them. But they still don't like the fact that him being here takes me away from them.

Therefore, I started bribing them a few months ago. I will give them extra treats of food on the days he's here. And the funny thing is--they know it! They will scream consistently until I feed them that special treat every single morning Luke is here. When he isn't here, they don't beg one single bit for it. They know when he's here, they won't get much attention from me, but they will get special food to eat. And since they know they'll be ignored, they demand the food!

They have learned to tolerate his being here, but it never ceases--the moment he leaves and I sit down to do anything, they are right beside me or in my lap within 10 seconds. They know he's gone and they are back to having just me.

Not jealous at all, are they?! ;)

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  1. So what is going to happen when you are married? :) Will they get cat treats every single day?


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