Wings As Eagles: November whirlwind weeks!

Monday, November 29, 2010

November whirlwind weeks!

November has seemed like a flurry of activities! Not only was I in three states (in addition to Kansas!) this month, but there just seemed to be plenty going on!

Week 1 - I made a quick trip to Oklahoma City over two days. My main reason for going was to do some specific wedding shopping, but it also was a fun opportunity to spend a little bit of time with Jena. I have to make those times count--her schedule keeps booked up enough that it's tough to find a couple days that she has free! Jena is training to run the Dallas marathon in December. That Saturday I was there, she was up and running by 5:30 am til about 8:30--16 miles! Glad it's her and not me! I'd never make it!

Week 2 - Kansas City, Missouri! Yep, you guessed it--wedding shopping! Erinn and I spent some time in Kansas City specifically shopping for wedding gowns, which I am soooo, sooooo happy to say I finally found! Yay!! Yay!! Cross that 2000+ mileage search off my list! Believe it or not, I actually was able to find just what I wanted! Hooray! Plus the days spent with Erinn, Noah and some of her family were a treat!

Week 3 - At church we had a Fall Festival meal instead of our annual traditional fellowship meal the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I always love being able to help with that. Saturday and Sunday were busy days getting everything prepared, then serving the meal and then cleanup. But definitely good times!

at Joe & Karen's wedding!

Some friends at church, Joe & Karen--their wedding was the 20th! That is the first of three weddings coming up in the next year in our church (mine being the third!). For some strange reason I look at weddings a little bit differently now than a year ago--can't imagine why! ;) It's fun to see the different ideas in decorations, flowers, tables, programs, etc--anticipating what I'll do in May!

Luke was here the third weekend this month! He was here just as long as he usually is--Saturday night through Monday, but it seemed like a short trip for some reason. Of course, I had lots on my list to discuss and do. That always seems to be the way it is.

We found these invitations that fit Dodge City perfectly
but not quite the theme of my wedding!

Week 4 - Thanksgiving week! This was the first Thanksgiving in two years that we've been home! And a first that just Dad and myself were here. Last year we went to Kentucky to visit Ryan and Krissa and the year before we went to Alabama to visit Krissa who was working there. This year Jena had to work all weekend and since Ryan and Krissa were just home in August, they stayed in Kentucky. So Dad and I spent a nice, quiet day at home and then went to Tim & Erinn's house for dinner. Perfect day!

And then this last weekend in November I'm in Colorado spending several days with Luke and doing more wedding planning/shopping!

What a fun, exciting and busy month!

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