Wings As Eagles: Black Friday Shopping!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Black Friday Shopping!

Ok, so I'm not a huge fan of enormous crowds--especially when shopping! It's something I always try to avoid. Shopping on the weekend is something I normally do not do. But I decided to brave the stores the Friday after Thanksgiving just for fun. I really can't say I was looking at anything in particular, although I did find some good sales! And I was not waiting in line at 4am at JCPenny's for their front door to open! ;)

But surprisingly enough, when I got to Penny's around 8:30, they still had some snow globes left! I was soooo surprised! I've never been there early enough to actually get one! I wasn't even looking for the snow globe freebie stand when Jeanette (a friend I know who works at Penny's and the library!) called over to me and said she was saving a snow globe just for me! :)

It was fun browsing the mall and other stores, just looking around and running into people I know. Some people I see every week at church and others I only see every so often! Or people who work in stores that know you because you are in there often enough. I have a feeling that will be missing when I move to Colorado Springs. :)

I did find my cats a cat bed, which I'm trying to make them use. You see, they tend to sleep/sit exactly where I do not want them to. My goal is to try to train them to sleep here! I put this cushion on the chair where they always sleep and they didn't touch it for a week. Finally when I moved it to the floor, Scamper decided it was hers! And I've seen her in it multiple times. Maybe, just maybe, she'll adopt it! I can hope!

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