Wings As Eagles: It started out simple...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It started out simple...

...and turned into a much bigger task.

Ingredient list in hand, I started downstairs to see what I had and didn't have for the Christmas baking I was planning to do with Erinn this week. That was my sole intent--to gather up those things to bring upstairs.

And then organization set in. It's been a while since I sorted through the freezer and shelves of "extras" and you know how one thing just leads to another? Yeah, well....that's exactly what happened.

First I did this shelf. Then realized that the pasta boxes didn't belong on the same shelf as the breakfast mixes which were all mixed up with the cake mixes! Which in turn led to sorting the entire stack of shelves, to the freezer and then the other stack of shelves.

Now? It's organized. Planned or not, I like it!

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