Wings As Eagles: It's time for snow!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's time for snow!!!

Yep, in my Sunday School classroom. One of the things I treasure doing in addition to loving teaching, is decorating my classroom for each season or with a Biblical theme. It's fun to find the images I want to use to fit the season, find the Biblical perspective in it and develop a theme to decorate from that.

And sooooo...I went a little bit overboard with winter this time. It's a bit more than I usually do, but I had the snowmen....and I just couldn't resist using them!! They're soooo cute!

I usually don't decorate anything but the bulletin board (photo above) and door, but I needed to take down the prayer chain I had on this wall and it seemed PERFECT for this winter snowing scene. And soon snowflakes will appear in the sky with things we are thankful for each week! :)

And this?? I love! I have to smile every Sunday morning when I walk through this door! It's a reminder to me as well--I'm nothing without Jesus Christ! And do I fall apart without Him? Many times, yes!

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