Wings As Eagles: I couldn't resist!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I couldn't resist!

I'm always on the look out for various items that I find while shopping that I can incorporate into my kid's Bible teaching. The kids enjoy being involved in the Bible story lesson and being able to act out parts of it are some of their favorite times.

In Hobby Lobby I discovered these two long skinny boxes that I couldn't resist leaving the store without.

A coloring wall. Can't you just see Joshua and the Israelites marching around this wall once a day for six days in the battle of Jericho? And then on the seventh day marching seven times and the walls come crashing down?!?!?!

And especially when I discovered that it was reduced to this price, then it was a must-buy! :)

Then this. Noah's Ark, of course. And origami. I love it. It looks so fun! And of course one of my favorite Bible stories to teach. I won't even mention how many other Noah's Ark crafts, lessons, activities fill my closet....;)

But don't the characters look soooooo neat?! And fun to fold the paper and put together?? They do to me!!! :)

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