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Friday, January 28, 2011

Organization feels soooo good!

Recently, I've been storing my greeting cards in the top drawer of what used to be Mom's desk. It's worked out fine except for the fact that they are all mixed together--birthday, sympathy, occasions, etc.

For the last couple of months, every time I've reached in there, I have thought, "I need to sort this." Well, I could stand it no longer! I emptied out the drawers, created piles of cards on the floor and started sorting!

The single cards are sitting upright, sorted by blank, friendship, birthdays, congrats, wedding & baby, sympathy, thinking of you and misc.

And the bottom tote has the majority of my thank yous and little note cards. You know--the ones you get in groups of eight or ten. Love those--and they make such cute ones!

Much, much nicer!! And much easier to find!! And three drawers of that desk cleaned and organized! :)

Why the pressure to do this now???? It's just the whole January month thing!! ;) lol!!!

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