Wings As Eagles: Really?! I really thought I was losing my mind!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Really?! I really thought I was losing my mind!

My goal is never to lose my mind. But there are times when it seems like that has happened. Like this particular moment.

I had been walking back and forth between the kitchen and schoolroom several times, my mind on a million things running through my head when I saw this on my way out of the kitchen. I took a few steps back thinking, "Did I put that can of Mt. Dew there?"

On my last trip through the kitchen I had just opened a can of that favorite drink of mine, but I didn't do that with it, did I? And no one else in this house touches that stuff!

I turned to look at Dad who was sitting on the couch and saw his smiling face! Ahh, ha! The culprit! He's trying out some tacky tape to hold up fabric for my wedding reception and he's testing the weight. And it's working--that can has been up there for five days and it's still in the same exact spot!

Sometime I may question his methods of operation, but the end result is always just as I want/need it to be! So in figuring out the best way to drape fabric and lights for the reception--I'll leave it entirely up to him! He knows the effect/picture I'm trying to create and I have no doubt he'll know just how to do it!

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