Wings As Eagles: What's new in Dodge?!?!?!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What's new in Dodge?!?!?!

Granted, not a ton of world news happens here in western Kansas, but recently there was the grand opening of the brand new event center and convention!! Jena happened to be home that weekend and so we toured the building! Quilt the facility and very neat to see!

gotta love those camera in the mirror pics!! ;)

quite amazing!!!

And since they were handing out free popcorn and pop,
we couldn't leave without our share!!! :)

The balcony is pretty neat too!!!

ice skating!!

fyi--this would be a PERFECT place for a wedding reception!!!
It's beautiful!!!!


  1. Are you changing your plans and having a reception here?

  2. Nope...already had my plans in place before this was finished and ready to use. Would be a nice place though!


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