Wings As Eagles: Swamped in clothes

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Swamped in clothes

Yesterday and today my sewing room is swamped with clothes! Last week I put away most of winter clothes and sweaters and uncovered all my spring and summer clothes. And then what happens - today is only supposed to be in the lower 40's with a 50% chance of rain or snow. Tomorrow and Saturday is not supposed to be any warmer, actually colder! The cold weather won't last too long and warm weather will be here to stay.

I have piles of shirts, sweaters, capris and skirts to repair, alter, find something to match with it or sew. Plus Jena added 4 uniform tops for me to alter for her. I made a huge dent in everything yesterday, so I should be able to finish most of my altering and matching today.

Then I dug around in my sewing room and found 2 chiffon skirts I had cut out last year, but didn't finish. I'll get those stitched today and then this weekend Jena can mark the hem, so I can finish them. I'm sure I didn't finish those two skirts last year because I don't have anything to match them, so I will have to be on the lookout for a matching top.

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