Wings As Eagles: Today was just the start of a difficult couple of months...

Friday, September 21, 2007

Today was just the start of a difficult couple of months...

As I was doing laundry, cleaning and doing various other things upstairs today, I couldn't help but remember this day a year ago.

I can remember Dad and Mom being in Wichita, having an appointment with the MS specialist Dr. I can remember Dad calling home and saying that the lesions on Mom's brain were not related to MS, but were in fact a brain tumor. I can remember Dad saying they had to stay in Wichita so more tests could be done at the hospital the next day.

I can remember Dad being barely able to talk, concerned about Mom and in tears. I can remember hearing Dad's tears and that started my own. I can remember calling Grandma and hearing her worried voice when she heard the news.

That day was difficult. I don't think we fully realized at the time just how hard the days to come would be, what would be involved and how little time we had left with Mom. Those days, I would not want to go through again, but oh-how we learned to fully depend on the Lord and His strength!

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