Wings As Eagles: Mom finally was able to come home...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mom finally was able to come home...

A year ago today after being in the hospital in Wichita and Dodge City for over a month, we were finally able to bring Mom home. I can remember the smile on her face as Dad drove up to the house and Lady was there to greet Mom and Dad. Mom was always such a homebody and I know she was more than ready to be out of a hospital room and back home.

She still required a large amount of care as she could not do much for herself. Even though there was lots to do once she was home, I was so glad to be able to stop the daily trips and long stays and the hospital. Someone had to be with Mom round the clock, for several reasons, one of the main reasons being that she couldn't speak. So it was hard for her to communicate what she needed or wanted.

We gradually learned the things she would be trying to tell us, but there were still things she wanted to say and we were unable to determine what she was trying to communicate. At times it was comical, and although the situation was not funny at all, we tried to turn the hard situation into something positive. We tried if at all possible to get a smile or laugh out of her. There were only a few, but there were times we were able to accomplish it!

There were times in the hospital or at home that Mom would do something or be trying to say something and it ended up being so comical. I can remember those times and treasure the memories. Yes, it was hard and I don't want to go through it again, but I'll remember those comical things that happened for the rest of my life.

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