Wings As Eagles: The not-so-great-dill flavor

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The not-so-great-dill flavor

For some reason the past few weeks I have been itching to do more baking and cooking than I usually do. I think it must be the change in weather and cooler temps; it just makes me want to use the oven more and more!

Friday is my day to do more cooking, baking and cleaning during the week. Although I still do the same the other days of the week, I reserve Friday for doing more than I do on the other days. No matter what I have going on or how busy I am, I always take into account that Friday is my day out of the sewing room and off my computer (except for shipping out business orders and answering email in the morning).

The last couple of Fridays I have cooked a couple new recipes I found that looked good and were quick and easy to make. Last Friday was just such a meal. The recipe was a Chicken and Rice casserole of which the main ingredients were chicken, cream of mushroom and rice. Now, I am a rice fan and love just about any dish if it involves rice. It sounded yummy and was a quick fix, so I tried it.

Well, it also called for just a touch of dill for seasoning. That still sounded ok; after all I love dill pickles, so it should be great! Dad didn't mind it, but I could not stand the dill flavor. It's not a bad recipe to use again, but I would definitely eliminate the dill. Number one - it doesn't take but just a teeny, tiny bit of dill to get a touch of the dill flavor and number two - dill should be reserved for dill pickles only in my opinion. At least my apple pie turned out well for lunch!

I still have some new recipes to try, but I'll be in Houston this Friday, so they will have to wait another week or two. Hopefully they will turn out better than this one....:)

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