Wings As Eagles: Chicago trip part 1

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chicago trip part 1

The end of November/first of December I traveled to Chicago for a Bernina teacher's reunion. There were national quilting teachers there who invited others to attend. I was one of those others.

Bernina's headquarters is in Aurora, IL. They have a wonderful building and I have been there before, but it was fun to go back again. And as always I enjoy anything relating to quilting and embroidery!

My friend Elsie and I started out early Tuesday morning and planned to travel to Ames, Iowa where she has family and spend the night there. We made really good time and arrived there early evening.

still in Kansas - bright & sunny!

Topeka, KS - still bright and sunny!

I made the terrible mistake of not paying attention to what the weather would be like further north. You would think I would remember how much colder it is there than here. Well, I wasn't thinking very clearly when I packed my clothes because I brought long sleeve jackets, but only short sleeves tops to go underneath.
That would never work! I get way to cold in just that with the kind of freezing weather we were surrounded by. We stopped at Wal-Mart in Iowa and I was able to actually find a couple long sleeve turtle necks that matched a couple jackets I had with me.

And did I even think to bring a coat?? Nope! We were not into full blown winter in Kansas yet, but Iowa and Illonois were! The further north we traveled, the temp. began to fall more and more.

getting close to Ames, Iowa

more and more traffic

cold Iowa!

beautiful Iowa sunset

at dusk, the sky turned into beautiful pink & purple

After staying the night in Ames, we were back on the road headed for Aurora on Wednesday. And it didn't get any warmer, but at least inside the car it was toasty warm. And I had my computer with Internet access, so I was completely satisfied!

getting closer

more to come......

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