Wings As Eagles: Snow...Snow...Snow

Friday, December 14, 2007


The snow started falling about noon today and kept coming until about 6 pm this evening! And what a beautiful, soft, peaceful snow it is! So far no wind, no bitter cold temps and no ice. That is the perfect kind of snow.

I spent this morning with Grandma and I have to say it wasn't too fun driving home in the falling snow around 1:30. The snow was falling fast and covering the air and roads and I was more than glad to be tucked inside the house with my computer!

Take a peek at our beautiful snowfall:

driving home from Grandma's house

falling snow

beautiful snowfall!

look up and all you see is snowflakes

Lady wanting inside the house

Poor Skittles...she wasn't too thrilled about going
out in the snow, especially since she's an indoor cat!
The snow is about as deep as she is tall!
Poor thing...she just about sunk down in the feathery whiteness!

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  1. Oh wow! How pretty!! We haven't even had enough to really see on the ground yet. :P



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