Wings As Eagles: Chicago trip part 2

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chicago trip part 2

We spent two days learning all kinds of things regarding some of the newest products from Bernina and some new sewing techniques! It was a great two days for making new friends, picking up some creative ideas and a fun chance to visit with other quilters!

Because a snow storm was headed our way, we ended up leaving Aurora Friday night at 10 pm after we finished with the day's classes. We arrived in Ames about 3:30 am and were so glad to be there. We ended up snowed in all day Saturday and then finally started the last stretch of the journey home on Sunday.

It was a wonderful and exciting trip!!

Bernina training

driving at night to Ames - scary, huh??

We drove through a couple hours of this weather on Sunday.

Our hotel room which was very nice!

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