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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Kids Club - Godly Character Traits

Our theme this year for Kids Club at church was Godly character traits. Last Wednesday was our last day for 2007 and our end of the year pizza party.

The kids did a wonderful job memorizing verses. The challenge was to build a brick wall and fill up the entire poster with bricks with each verse they memorized. The photo below shows one of the two walls the kids were trying to build with bricks.

This is the only photo I have considering that our walls and posters have been taped up and taken down several times. The tape was just not going to hold much longer!

the now-falling-down brick walls

I wrote names and verses on the bricks.

pizza party with everyone!

Character trait posters - at least the ones still hanging on the wall!

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  1. do you happen to have the curriculum available that you used or developed for the Godly Character program. I am starting a club in a public school and am looking for something to use. This sounds perfect. My email is
    Thx, Jay Sloan


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