Wings As Eagles: The week in review: locked keys, army of God, Grandma and cattle

Friday, March 14, 2008

The week in review: locked keys, army of God, Grandma and cattle

This week seemed full and eventful until this afternoon. I guess every week is full and busy, so I'm not quite sure why I'm say that this week was that way, but anyway here's a bit of my week!

Monday - I taught my afternoon/evening local quilt class in Dodge City. It was a longer day since our class in the evening finished a little later than usual and I didn't get home until 10:30 pm. Partly because as we were packing everything up in my car, I locked my keys in my trunk. happened not 10 minutes after another gal handed me my car keys saying that I should hold onto them because she locked her keys in her trunk a couple weeks ago. She gave them to me and guess what I did??? Yep, locked them in my trunk! And do you know how hard it is looking around for car keys in the middle of a dark parking lot? Let's say I was glad to get home! :)

Tuesday - An uneventful, normal day spent at my computer. Despite the fact that this was the day I became so frustrated at my Internet browser, I was able to get lots of computer work caught up.

Wednesday - This was our last night for studying the armor of God for kid's club. We did a review game, breaking up into two teams with each team answering a correct answer getting to tape armor on themselves. Quite exciting to be able to tape a helmet to your head, belt to your waist, shoes to your feet and sword in hand! The kids enjoyed it and hopefully learned lots. I have our finished army photos that I'll post this weekend. Next week is Spring Break, so we won't have kid's club.

Thursday - I actually spent the day sewing and embroidering on my new quilt! Exciting, exciting!!! It's actually the same quilt pattern I made last year, but with new fabrics. Since I am teaching another online class starting in April, I am stitching another quilt.

Friday - This morning was a rush to get dressed and ready, answer business email, get all my orders shipped and put lunch together in the crock pot before I had to take Grandma to Dodge at 9 am for a Dr. appt. I had to rethink my thoughts on switching to Firefox as when I was rushing to get shipping labels printed, my FF browser froze twice and I ended up switching back to IE to finish printing labels.

Anyway, I did manage to get everything done before Grandma was here a little before 9. She is doing much better since her accident, but needed new glasses since hers were a little mangled and lens less. Did her eye appt., picked out new frames, ran some errands and made it back home by 2pm.

I came home and Dad said that a cow had twins last night and both were dead. Why, he doesn't know. But that's the first calf we lost this year. And the first time we have had twin calves in 7 or 8 years. We've only had one pair of twins and we named then Snaps and Snoops. Cute, huh?

That was back years ago when us girls had names for each and every cow and named every new calf that was born. We came up with some fun and exciting names such as Whitey (never forget her...she chased Dad and us girls up a fence more than once), Peaches, Apple, Bossy, Skeleton, Fuzzface, Baldy, Pumpkin, Popcorn, Blackie, Big Mama and the list goes on....

We had a little book where we kept names written down and when a new calf was born, we'd pull out that book and choose a name. We did that for several years and were able to keep track of which calf belonged to which cow. That was much more exciting than how Dad identifies cows now, such as #43 or black cow or blue ear tag.....:) And he doesn't even bother with naming the calves! Fun times and great memories! :)

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