Wings As Eagles: Menu Plan Monday - week of April 14th

Monday, April 14, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - week of April 14th

I am going to be gone for the majority of this week. I have my quilting class today. Then I will be in Colorado Springs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. And Saturday our quilt guild has a sewing day planned, so I'll be gone part of the day then also.

In other words this is the menu plan. It could change especially since the only day I will be home is Friday. But at least Dad has a meal plan to follow each day for what's in the fridge when Jena is not home. Those freezer leftovers I always keep in the freezer come in handy for a week like this one. And guess what? That's why they are there! :)

So here is what we (or rather Dad and Jena) are eating for dinner this week:

Monday - spanish rice casserole, bread

Tuesday - taco salad

Wednesday - mexican casserole, green beans, bread

Thursday - leftover mexican casserole, peas, bread

Friday - chicken fajitas, mixed veggies

Saturday - hamburger casserole, bread, broccoli w/ cheese

Sunday - reuben sandwiches, green beans

Check out OrgJunkie for more great recipe ideas!


  1. Great menu! Hope you have a great time out of town :)

  2. Great menu, everything sounds so good :)
    Have a great week!

    Rachel xxx
    A Juggling Mum

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