Wings As Eagles: The to-do list crossed off!

Friday, April 11, 2008

The to-do list crossed off!

Was I able to get everything done today I planned? Pretty much! Take a look!

X email/ship orders - I didn't have quite as many to ship out today, so it didn't take too long to get those in the mail and my email answered.

X water plants - didn't take long! :)

X laundry - two loads washed, dried, folded and put away

X bake cinnamon rolls

X cook hamburger - bagged and ready for the freezer!

X plan next week's menu - I am going to be in Colorado for two days next week and Jena is unsure whether she will be here for meals on those days, so I wanted to be sure I had stuff planned for Dad for dinner and supper.

X vacuum - I actually got most of it finished before dinner and only had the family room left to do after we ate.

X dust - finished!

X clean desk in schoolroom - This took a little longer, but I did more than I originally planned early this morning.

X fix lunch - I fixed a mexican casserole and it was yummy!

I was chatting this morning with a couple designers I am working with, so I had my computer on the bar and was able to respond to a couple emails throughout the morning. Then Jena left her computer on the bar (she worked today) and I turned it on to play music. Jena has several songs she downloaded from itunes that I don't have on mine.

Everything crossed off!! And then several things added to do tomorrow morning. But after all, isn't that what a to-do list is for? Write out a list of things to do, cross them off one at a time and then add more?!?! :)

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