Wings As Eagles: Our trip to Oklahoma

Monday, April 7, 2008

Our trip to Oklahoma

Yesterday we traveled down to Enid, Oklahoma to visit Dad's family. Dad's brothers and sister were there as well as our cousin, Mark, who we hadn't seen in years. We has a nice visit with everyone catching up on what's going on in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Then Aunt Beth brought out some photos of our family and hers that we had taken years ago one year when we were there. We figured out it must have been around 18-19 years ago - can't believe it has been that long! Although, I do remember taking those pictures.

I just love Krissa's expression in this one.


  1. What a cute picture!!


  2. yea...we were pretty cute back then. what happed to us??? lol!

  3. I think we grew sad, huh?! :) Remember how Mom always wanted to "keep her little girls"? lol!!


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