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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Several random things

Let's see....I know my blogging has been a little scarce the past few weeks, but it's been a little hectic around here and probably will be all summer. As Jena mentioned, all three of us girls have a busy summer planned, more so than last year.

Sunday morning was busy with events at church. I was at the church at 8am to help with a brunch for the graduates before Sunday School. Then I taught my class of little ones. And then during the morning worship service, we had a presentation of what we had done with the kids on Wednesday evenings during this past year.

In addition to that, I fit two bridesmaids dresses and a bridal gown after church. Then I went to Montezuma to pick up a male cat for Skittle, since I would like to have one litter of kittens. So by the time I finished all that going back and forth, it was almost 4pm.

Since my birthday was last Friday, just us three girls went out to eat Sunday night and then to a movie. We had a good time and those times will become more and more scarce as Krissa will be moving away from home. It was a good thing Dad didn't come with us, because we ended up laughing about the entire time...even through the movie.

Today, Joanna is coming from Colorado to spend a few days here. We're planning on spending the time sewing and probably a few other things!! I know you may not find sewing for a couple days very exciting (Jena and Krissa don't either!), but Joanna and I do!

Then Jena, Krissa and I are going to a friend's wedding this weekend. We'll be gone Friday and Saturday since Jena is maid of honor in the wedding.

It's a good thing we don't have anything planned for Memorial Day weekend, because I'm not sure if we could fit that into this week! :)

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  1. Yikes, It sounds like you are very busy!!! Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful one!!


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