Wings As Eagles: An email from Krissa

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An email from Krissa

To update everyone on Krissa, here is the email we received from Krissa this morning....they laughed and laughed about their adventure last night and they did get to meet their neighbors!! She went with some friends to the beach over the weekend and had a good time! I haven't written anything on my little sister way down south for a while, so here is an update!

Good morning,

Suzanna and I laughed so hard about everything that happened last night. Lol. At least we met our neighbors through it! :) Me and my wild imagination...haha

The beach is beautiful! Although, I think I prefer Clearwater Beach in Tampa, FL — it’s still by the gulf, but it’s a little bigger than Orange Beach. Clearwater Beach is a little more natural too — the palm trees are native to FL, but the palm trees at Orange Beach were not. But our condo was right on the beach, so we just stepped out of the patio and out into the sand practically! It was great!

In other news, it’s cold in Birmingham this morning! My car thermometer read 64 degrees and it’s only Sept. 16! However, my office manager said this is typical and the temperature will go back up again in a couple days.

This is going to be a long week. We have the ASID (American Society of Interior Design) judging, so I get to meet all the judges at a formal dinner on Wednesday night and then sit in on the actual judging all day Thursday. But as for today, I’m working on my museum story for Jan/Feb — my contact, however, is in Houston, and apparently the museum got hit pretty hard by Ike. I visited with him yesterday, and he said the city is pretty much a wreck. :(

Ok, I’m off to get some coffee and get started on the day.
Hope everything is well in Kansas!

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