Wings As Eagles: An open apartment door, a bad dream and a wrecked car - what's the combination??

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An open apartment door, a bad dream and a wrecked car - what's the combination??

Today I went to Dodge and met with several people to drop of some embroidery and sewing as well as do some church related things and run several errands. One thing I did very carefully is lock my car, hang onto tightly to my purse and tuck my keys into my purse. I always do that, but all the more so today.

But before I go into detail as to why I took more care to do that especially today, you have to understand this. Last night I had a horrible dream; actually not a dream - a nightmare since I woke up sweating hot at 4:08 in the morning. Never does a dream seem so real except when you first wake up.

But before I can explain exactly the reason for that dream, I have to tell you our conversation with Krissa last night.

Last night about 9:30 Krissa calls and wants to talk to Dad. (That usually means she's in trouble or needs advice!) She got home from work around 6:30 and found her apartment door open. Clue #1. She went in, hung around the apartment for a couple of hours, wondering where her roommate was. Clue #2. Susanna's car was there, her phone in the apartment and her door was shut. Clue #3. Krissa is concerned, so she tries Susanna's bedroom door and finds it locked; odd since she never locks it. Clue #4.

All is quiet and all kinds of horrible thoughts are running through Krissa's mind, so she goes outside to her car and calls home. She tells Dad what happened that evening and that she is afraid to go back inside and she's not sure where Susanna is since her room is all quiet and locked and she can't find her.

Dad tells her to go to a neighbors and ask someone to go back into the apartment with her to knock again on Susanna's door and see what's going on. She hangs up the phone and we are left wondering what is going on and what they will discover in the apartment.

She calls back in a little while, laughing. One of the neighbors went in with her, knocked on Susanna's door and they discovered she was sleeping. Apparently she was sleeping hard enough and had something over her head that she didn't hear Krissa before. And as to the locked bedroom door, she wasn't sure why she locked it because she never does.

So Krissa felt pretty silly after the whole incident, but at the time she called us the first time, she was scared and didn't know exactly what to do. The longer she stayed in the apartment, the more her mind conjured up all kinds of things that could have happened.

Ok, so that explains Krissa's adventure in Alabama last night.....right before bed. Now onto the dream part....

I usually am so tired at night that I never remember my dreams, if I do dream at night at all. Last night I did. I woke up at 4:08 am sweating and have to make sure I really am awake. Then I had to remember that it wasn't real. And keep in mind that dreams are always strange and weird after you are awake, but are so real while you are sleeping.

I had planned a bunch of shopping and stops to make in Dodge this morning including the library. Before I fell asleep last night, I was planning my minute by minute itinerary and what I needed to get done. I knew also I had to be sure and take my sewing and embroidery to drop off, my SS supplies and my computer.

In my dream I walked into the library, reserved my dates for my quilting classes, visited with Linda there and walked back outside. As I'm walking out the door, I see my purse lying on the cement, torn open. No dollar bills inside, no credit cards inside, no checkbook inside, no keys, no cell phone, nothing. Not even sure why it's there, but it is....

I look toward my car and discover the doors widely torn open and as I get closer, I see a huge mess of seats and metal all smashed together, but no computer, no clothes to deliver, nothing except a huge mess.

So I called Dad. (Yeah, I know this sounds familiar, but that's how dreams usually are - they tend to mirror the events of the day before.) I'm not quite sure where the phone came from since my purse was totally empty, but somehow I had my cell phone to call Dad.

My first thought and horror was my computer and then my financial information I lost in my purse. I had Dad on the phone, searching my records at home for my credit card companies to close those accounts before who knows what was charged to them. It was a mess telling Dad where they were and having him relate the info back to me.

About that time I woke up. And I told myself my computer was still on the bed, my purse was safe in the house with credit cards intact and my car was parked unharmed in the garage. But was it ever so real in my mind!

That's why I was sure to lock my car today, hang onto my purse and enclose my keys in my purse. And when I went to the library....I parked in a different spot than where I was last night.

Call me crazy...probably true, but I'm sure that all came about because of Krissa's phone call last night and the fact I had today's list of my things to do on my mind. But it did remind me of one thing I need to do.....make copies of my credit cards and driver's license.

I did that several years ago in case my purse or cards were ever stolen (that was a from mom - you must do!), but since then I have new and different cards and need to do it again and make a couple of copies to keep.

I'm not sure that was worth the scare of my dream and being on alert today, but it did remind me to do that!

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