Wings As Eagles: Our trip to Home Depot

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our trip to Home Depot

The last couple of months I've been planning to add some shelving (that's my other thing I'm tackling this month in addition the the freezer!) to my storage area downstairs. I have a certain amount of space in Dad's den to use as storage, so I drew that area to scale and started thinking about what size of shelves I would need.

As Dad would say, I got my "puzzle pieces" out last night and made the final decision as to what size and how many units I would need. But the goal of that is to get as many shelves as possible in the area I have. How better to do it than make a drawing and "arrange" my paper shelves, trying different arrangements until I found the right one?!?!

Today Dad and I drove to Home Depot in Garden City to buy the shelving. I wanted to look at the shelving in person instead of just online and do some more measuring and figuring. So while Dad shopped for several of his things, I again got out my "puzzle pieces" and started arranging.

Finally we got it figured out and all the shelving loaded on the cart! Driving a cart filled with eleven units is quite a cart full! Thank goodness for DAD!!!

Dad loaded them all in the back of the pickup and we were ready to head for home. Those boxes were quite heavy and I know there is absolutely no way I would have been able to go and do it by myself. I'm just so thankful Dad was willing to go to Garden, help me pick out what would work best (he always seems to know those things and I trust his judgment more than my own) and load everything.

Dad commented several times at how heavy the larger units of boxes were as he transferred five of them from the store shelf to the cart, from the cart to the pickup and finally from the pickup to the garage. As he unloaded the last one in the garage, he started looking for a weight amount on the box....

Ummm...perhaps this could be why???? Weight - 128 pounds!!!! I always knew Dad was really strong!!! After they were unloaded we noticed the little tag that said, "Team Lift!" Too late now....:)

But they are all now in the garage and ready to be carried downstairs and put together. Dad said I could probably put one together and see how it fits, so I unboxed one of the smaller ones in the garage and carried down the pieces little bits at a time.

And putting together that thing is a totally different story for another day...right now I'm exhausted from trying to put those metal pieces together and am headed off to bed!

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  1. I am anxious to hear how the shelving turns out, and look forward to seeing pictures of the construction and installation process. I benefitted greatly from your YouTube videos that featured your shelving units (the Roman shade covering your fabric storage was an inspired idea!!!).


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