Wings As Eagles: An onion smelling freezer

Friday, September 26, 2008

An onion smelling freezer

Today I discovered the freezer smells like onions. No surprise actually, since I chopped up onions last week and stuck them in the freezer. The thing I forgot to do was to take the pans of onions scoops OUT of the freezer and put them in ziplock bags. But hey, it's not like I've not been busy doing anything...

Kinda looks like snow cones on that pan and reminds me of the ice crusher machine we had when my sisters and I were just little girls. You put in ice cubes and out came, slushed flavored ice. Fun memories!!!

I just hope the onion smell in the freezer doesn't last too long...

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  1. I noticed that they'd been in the freezer a while...;)


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