Wings As Eagles: Tackling this month - my storage area! Finished, sorted and organized...finally!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tackling this month - my storage area! Finished, sorted and organized...finally!

My goal this month in addition to defrosting the freezer, was to clean and organize Dad's den and my storage area. Hip, hip, hooray - it's done!!! An-over-week long ordeal, but done none the less. And just in time since this is the end of September.

I'm so glad to say that I am finished sorting, organizing and cleaning downstairs! Hooray!!! It feels so nice to have everything on shelves and easy to find. And it will be so much easier to get to whatever was in that bottom tote without having to crawl over that whole stack! :)

There's just enough room for walking...a bit tight, but it works!

Everything is labeled and it just "feels" so organized! I was even able to get everything out of Krissa's room and onto those shelves! Won't she be surprised?!?! I'll still use her room til she comes home. I wouldn't want that space to just sit!

I even cleaned/organized Dad's bookcase and office area. Filed some books and paperwork, dusted and put some things away that were just sitting.

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  1. WOW!!!!! I can't believe how much you did in just a week!! First of all, you really put together a lot of very large shelving units! Everything looks so wonderfully organized. I redecorated my home this past year and organized closets, pantries and cabinets, and I know first-hand what a wonderful feeling it is to take a space that has slowly been accumulating 'stuff' and transform it into a well organized, use-able space. I also know how exhausting it can be. You did a fantastic job and I hope you can rest a bit. I know you must be very tired!


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