Wings As Eagles: Fall is official now at our house!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall is official now at our house!

Last weekend I put up our fall decorations. The fall decorations we have are some of my favorites to put up around the house. I love the blend of red, orange and brown together; it just seems so warm and inviting.

As I was bringing the boxes of fall stuff up from downstairs, I started planning where to put everything. It usually changes from year to year, partly because we like variety and partly because we usually can't recall exactly where we put everything.

I knew for sure that I had to move the little wagon and harvest vegetables from last year's spot because of Skittles. Not only did she knock everything down, but she carried those pumpkins, pears and squash everywhere. Over this past year, I have found numerous little vegetables all over the house.

I thought I had the Skittles-dragging-fall-decorations-everything problem taken care of. Wrong! Every single morning since I put up things on Saturday, she has brought leaves, acorns and pumpkins down to my room and onto my bed.

I started locking her downstairs for the night, but I know the exact moment Dad gets up in the morning. At 5:30 the other morning, she jumped onto the bed, into my face with a strand of leaves. This year leaf carrying must be popular!

Dad says as soon as he opens the door she makes a beeline for the corner of the fireplace with the leaves and fall decorations. And then comes right downstairs with it! Silly cat!

The little wagon and pumpkins are on a high bookcase shelf.

I love this wagon and scarecrow!

This is where Skittles picks out all the leaves and
pumpkins she drags all over the place.

Who knows what she's up to there????


  1. I love your fall decorations, especially the little wagon--and the scarecrow by the fireplace is adorable! My two kitties would do the exact same thing--drag my decorations around. I think they are trying to "help" me redecorate to suit their tastes by moving my decorations around. Unfortunately, they also like to chew on silk florals so I have to be careful where I put things. I buy potted zinnias and place them everywhere, and they always chew on them a bit. Naughty kitties.

  2. Aw, it's all so pretty! I love the same one Skittles does! :) That scarecrow is so cute!!

  3. I forgot to mention that I tagged you over on my blog too. :)


  4. I love those colors too. I think Fall is my favorite time of year.


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