Wings As Eagles: Just WHAT did I do this week?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just WHAT did I do this week?

Have you ever been busy and then look back over the last few days and wonder what in the world you were so busy with? That was this week. I has a list of things to do on Tuesday and by the time Friday night appeared, I had Tuesday's to-do list crossed off. So much for the rest of my week's plans!

answer email
email newsletter
blog posts
edit and print church photos
finish Kid's Club
fold and stuff mailers

Tuesday morning started out as usual. I was able to get my newsletter written, sent out, blog posts written and scheduled and email answered. I was making wonderful progress and felt great for having all of that done by noon and keeping right to my schedule!

Then I became aware of the fact that my header was missing from my online store. I shoved all my other activities to the side and that became my main priority. I ended up spending the entire afternoon fixing that. I diagnosed the problem in about 15 minutes, but finding the correct html file to edit turned out to be quite a chore. But thankfully it's done and all in working order. And I learned that much more about website coding! :)

Because of that issue, I didn't get photos edited for church until late that evening (I had to have those ready Wednesday morning) and therefore did not get my lesson finished for Kid's club until Wednesday afternoon. And Wednesday morning I was in Dodge for a couple of appointments.

Suddenly it was Thursday morning and as I began my morning checking email, I discovered that my desktop had no connection to the Internet. That's been happening every so often and I have been getting a slower-than-normal connection downstairs. I bought a new and faster router and wireless network card a month or so ago and just hadn't had a chance to install it yet.

I could have just fixed the connection in a few minutes to get back online, but decided that I should go ahead and install the new router and get the network card put in. What should have taken an hour at the most, ended up taking all morning and part of the afternoon. But the good part is that my connection is about twice what it was before! And that is sooooo wonderful!!!

Friday morning appears and after my morning is spent doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, baking banana muffins, answering email and shipping orders, I finally brought out my mailing fliers. When I fill my orders, I usually include different kind of product fliers. And ahead of time I will fold, sort and pack them into plastic bags so all I have to do is grab a bag and stick it in the package.

As I started sorting which fliers I wanted to include for this last quarter of the year, I realized I did not have everything I wanted to include. So I moved that to next week's list, ordered the fliers I needed and moved on to stitching my aprons I started on Monday.

And after spending Friday afternoon stitching those (which I almost have completed and will post pics soon!) and talking on the phone for I don't know how long to a very dear friend (which was needed!), my week is over!

And my plans for working on my new quilt, starting my Christmas table set and designing some marketing mailers has now been moved to next week. And hopefully next week I will have some tangible items that I was able to accomplish! Maybe....:)


  1. Nope. Never had a week like that - ever.:)

  2. Ummhmmm....sure...I'll remind you of that one of these days!! :)


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