Wings As Eagles: A fantastic Sunday afternoon

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A fantastic Sunday afternoon

After lunch I settled down on the couch with a blanket, pillow and computer with background noise of football on tv. It would rain for a while, then slow down to only sprinkles and then start really raining again.

Dad watched football with me as well!

Our driveway and front yard became almost a lake at one point. There's a low spot there and whenever it rains fairly hard in a short period of time (rarely does that happen!), that's the first little spot to fill up with water. It's rather nice to sit indoors, all safe and secure and hear the rain falling on the roof.

rain, rain!

and more and more rain!

The moment I woke up this morning and sensed the rainy, cloudy day, I knew today would be an excellent day for baking. Actually any day is a perfect day for baking in my mind; I love to bake! But there are days that are better than others; like cool, cloudy days. Make sense?? Yep, does to me!

A computer is now considered a common kitchen gadget! :)

We really didn't need any cookies, but I couldn't resist. Oatmeal cookies are my favorite, especially the cookie dough. I admit there are delicious baked as well, but nothing can beat fresh oatmeal cookie dough. The dough is so light, white and fluffy (shortening is the key ingredient for the white and fluffiness)!

Part of the reason I crave oatmeal cookie dough is because of the texture. I'm not quite sure why, but I have always had a weakness for white, fluffy baked goodies! I can remember telling Mom that I wanted my birthday cake to be white with white frosting, lots of white, fluffy frosting. Nothing else, just white. To Mom, that sounded rather tasteless. But to me....yum-wonderful!

That's not to say that chocolate is not at all an option, because that's second on the list! But if I go somewhere and there is a choice of white or chocolate cake, usually I will choose the white, fluffy one. Sounds strange, unusual, not normal, I know. But then whoever said I was normal?!?! Wait, don't answer that! :)

Let's add a few rice crispies...

looks very good!

tastes very good too!

I ended up baking one pan full of oatmeal cookies and then freezing the remainder of the dough for future snacking or cookies. Just remember, our freezer also contains frozen cookie dough! :) And while those were baking, I typed up our menu for the week.

Overall it was a relaxing, peaceful Sunday afternoon!

menu planning for the week...

Skittles is never too far away...:)

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