Wings As Eagles: I miss my crockpot!

Monday, March 30, 2009

I miss my crockpot!

Yes, I truly do! Before Krissa left for Lexington, she raided the kitchen. In fact, I was terrified to leave her alone in there, knowing that I might find empty cabinets and drawers. She just about went through every room in the house, packing whatever wasn't bolted down! lol!!! :)

Even Jena's room....Jena left for OK City with furniture in her bedroom and when she returned, was packed in the van awaiting a 15 hour drive.

Anyway, back to the crockpot....

Krissa wanted one and that was one of the things I let her take. The one I had or actually Mom had, had a broken handle and the lid did not sit down well, so I had already mentioned to Dad when this one gave out, that I wanted a new one. So this was a perfect opportunity to give my old one to someone who was starting her own little stash of kitchen gadgets (Have I ever mentioned I like gadgets for the kitchen just about as much as electronic gadgets???) and for me to buy a new one.

But I didn't realize *just how* much I use my crockpot! The first thing I did when we got home late Saturday evening after traveling all day was pull out my cookbook, thinking that I could put something in the crockpot before church the next day, so it would be ready when we got home.

I gathered my ingredients and then realized as I opened the cabinet that housed my most prized kitchen *gadget*; ummmm....I guess I can't do that. No crockpot.

I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but I did that three times last week. I think my memory must be failing me, but I guess I didn't realize I use it THAT much. Although I will say I probably use it more at times when I'm busy and have less time to cook. It's quick and easy to throw everything in first thing in the morning or in the middle of the night (yes, I've done that! Set my alarm for 3am, get up, put the ingredients in, start it and go back to bed.) and then it's ready at noon.

And thankfully, I didn't have to take food anywhere, so I didn't miss plugging it into my car.....

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  1. I hope you will soon get another crock pot. I had to replace mine recently, since the one I had finally stopped working after many years. I sympathize with you--I just love my crock pot and wouldn't want to be without it for long.


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