Wings As Eagles: Spring Cleaning: My bedroom

Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Cleaning: My bedroom

I admit, the spring cleaning bug has bitten me and I am eager to get started! I've been trying to figure out why I'm so thrilled about cleaning, but I think it partly has to do with the fact that Jena and Krissa are moving out and we are changing rooms, some furniture and such. I think that's the reason anyway.

But I will admit, it's always nice to have a clean house from top to bottom. You know, that cleaning that only gets done once a year. Like dusting every single place in the room, vacuuming every inch of carpet, washing windows, etc. You get the idea....

I started my bedroom last week, the main reason being that I needed to put away my winter clothes and get out my spring and summer things. I don't want to wear black, gray and brown to church every Sunday in April. ;) Plus since I found some spring fabric in Denver, I wanted to get out my spring skirts and see what I had and what I needed to sew.

Yep, it's quite a mess! And it's a good thing you can't see my dust-covered shelves from this view or the pile of totes and shoes stacked at the end of the bed! Or the closet!

What started out as just changing clothing seasons, ended up in a full blown-out cleaning spree with rearranging the furniture as well. While I had to work around my business schedule and my room was a working zone for about a week, it's wonderfully nice to have my bedroom all cleaned and back in order.

Since I will have two empty closets downstairs vacated by my two sisters, I was able to get rid of my temporary closet in my room and move those sweaters into Krissa's empty closet. I love empty closet space! It won't be empty for too long! ;)

I also discovered that I have way too much stuff crammed under my bed, in my closet and just all over my room.

I found out......

I really don't need all those audio tapes that I never listen to anymore and are outdated, do I? Most of them are audio recordings I did of movies that I would listen to as I sew and now I just use my computer.

I really don't need THAT many curling irons, especially since my favorite one is the one I found at Sally's in Houston!

Anybody need hand cream, body lotion or shower gel from Bath & Body Works? I think I have ample. ;) I always buy those on sale and stock up. I think I'm stocked up for quite a while.

Cd cases in abundance! To make access to my cds easier, I take the cds out of their jewel cases and put them in a cd binder. It's quicker and easier for me. Plus they are all ripped to my computer where I listen to most of them anyway.

Yeah, my mess overflowed into the hall. I had bundles of trash to take out plus totes of things to take to the consignment shop.

Ahhhhh! Wonderfully nice!

I changed my shelving a little bit. I just love these shelves Dad built! They are perfect for all kinds of things! First of all I took everything down and dusted each and every little trinket I had plus I got rid of some of the things that were there which gave me a whole empty shelf. I filled that up with dvds and books that I had hanging around. Plus I put my shoes at the bottom since I didn't have my temporay closet where they were before.

Oh and last, but not least....Skittles' and Scampers' toys.

First thing in the morning when I get up is gather up all the mice, paper balls, bells and pom poms for my kitties and put them in a pile under the bed. By the next morning, they will be all over the floor and my bed, but at least they are in a pile once in a while.

I even found a couple toys under the covers which explains why I woke up in the middle of the night to Scamper digging around, under the covers, near my feet. ;)

More on my spring cleaning schedule later this week......


  1. Your room looks so nice and clean...I need to get the cleaning bug.
    Prayers, Bo

  2. I'm in what seems like full cleaning mode, but can't devote all my time to that...yet! ;)


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