Wings As Eagles: A HUGE Rainbow!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A HUGE Rainbow!!

For camp this year our theme is Beginnings - the very first Bible lessons such as creation, Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, Enoch and Noah. Once again, I was faced with the challenge of coming up with something that would be our goal to complete for memory verses.

I had lots of ideas....such as creating a HUGE round world like a globe and then cutting it up into puzzle pieces and for each verse the kids memorize they would get to put up one puzzle piece to fill it in by the end of the week. Semi-good idea--still, I wasn't too thrilled with it!

Then, what about creation itself??? Use the same idea as what I've used in Kid's Klub and Sunday School and start out with a huge black piece of paper and day by day add light, sky, seas, dry land, plants, flowers, trees, fish, birds, stars, moon, sun, animals and man. LOVE that idea!! Until I realized just how many stars, flowers, birds, fish and animals I'd have to cut out.

Remember, I cut out 3,000 people last year? Granted, I only used about half, but still, that's 1500!!! I wasn't thrilled with that idea! And the year before that? Yep, the footprints! Ahhh....yes, the kids loved the footprints going all around the dinning room! What could I create again that would be huge enough to go all around the dinning room????

Hhhmmm....Adam & Eve? Naming animals? Reusing people from last year and create a huge chain of people? Noah leading the animals onto the ark? Oh yeah - NOAH!!! That's it - a HUGE rainbow!!!

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