Wings As Eagles: Spoiled kitties!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spoiled kitties!

Really. Honestly. My two cats have no idea just how spoiled they really are. For a multitude of reasons--one being right now as my lap has been overtaken for one of them as I'm trying to type. ;)

My cats have taken quite a bit of time getting used to Luke. When he's here, they aren't particularly thrilled, so I've started bribing them with extra canned food every morning when he's here.

So Luke bought a entire box of 32 cans of food just for them for Christmas. Told you they were spoiled! So my question to Luke was, "Are you going to be in Kansas 32 days before May?" ;) lol!!

They weren't too thrilled with the box until I opened it up. In addition to the 32 cans was a plastic ball and a bag of treats.

The ball they didn't really take much to.

The bag of treats? Oh, yeah---they knew exactly what that was! You have no idea how many of those bags of treats Skittles has taken down off the shelf and eaten without my knowledge. Usually I find the bag the next morning. On the floor. Empty. Torn up. Clawed to shreds. And lacking treats.

However, the ball was made to put the treats in it. Then as the cats would roll it around, the treats would fall out. Ummm, hmmmm. So I showed them the treats inside.

And then rolled the ball. The ball isn't too exciting for them. The treats they want. Skittles figured out to roll the ball, but Scamper still hasn't gotten it yet. I believe this will keep their attention for hours on end. They have yet to accomplish getting the treats out. :)

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