Wings As Eagles: An army on the wall

Thursday, February 28, 2008

An army on the wall

Here's a few photos of our "army" for kid's club. Jena did a great job finding images of armor online, printing them and making it so the kids could tape their pieces up on the wall. They have said lots of memory verses and continue to do so which is fantastic!

At the time these photos were taken (last week) they had on their "Member of God's Army" red banner, the Bible, belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness and arm and leg shields. Looks pretty neat hanging up there! :)

For camp this summer our Bible lessons will be on Ruth and I have to figure out something as an incentive to memorize verses during the two weeks. Last year we built a brick wall putting up a brick for every verse memorized, which the kids all enjoyed!

I've thought about Ruth off and on, trying to come up with a theme, but haven't decided on something yet. But camp is still four months away, but time will fly by, I know! Maybe something to do with wheat, harvest, grain....building a field of wheat or something.

I thought about footprints making a path all over the dining room. Since Ruth traveled back with Naomi to Bethleham and she walked, picking up grain in the fields...traveling.

I'll just keep thinking and come up with something! :)

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