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Friday, April 3, 2009

Just a few of random morning thoughts....

What's on my mind this morning? Well, I have a mound of paperwork that I'm sorting and filing that I've put off for quite a while and that's rather mindless work, so my mind has drifted to a few other random thoughts....

My blog sidebar - Yes, those of you who are faithful readers have probably noticed that my sidebar is badly in need of a tune-up! Christmas music is still up and it's April??? There are some broken images and links that need deleted/repaired and some additions to be made as well. I need to put that on my list.

Skittles, Scamper and Snickers - Those sweet little kitties of mine! I've decided to get Skittles spayed so this will be her last litter of kittens. And I need to take Scamper and Snickers in for their kitten shots. I'm also wondering *just what* the car ride into Dodge will be like??? Add that to my schedule.

Defrost the freezer - I just did this not too long ago. And that's what's so frustrating about it. I put a can of pop in there last week and left it too long (I didn't think it was THAT long, but it must have been long enough) and it left quite a frozen mess as there is frozen liquid all over the door and shelves. Work that into my schedule this month.

Digital scrapbooking - Yes, I know I mentioned that recently, but I can't get it out of my head. I'm just itching to work with some freebie themes I found online. Another of my goals this year is to learn Photo Elements and Premier Elements. I've already worked through some tutorials and swarms of ideas are rolling around in my head. Plus I'm considering doing a new theme for this blog and using some scrapbooking elements to create it.

Spring cleaning - Sometime in the next two months spring cleaning has to be done. Partly because Jen and Kris are moving out and we are doing some rearranging of rooms and furniture and what better time to clean from top to bottom than when the room is empty?! Plus I skipped it last year as we just had new windows put in and why clean new windows??? Plan and schedule spring cleaning.

Grandma - I'm headed to Grandma's house for a while this afternoon. She loves for us girls to come over. I need to remember to pack my computer to show her Krissa's apartment pics; she'll enjoy seeing those. And I need to drop by the fabric store in Montezuma to see if they might by chance have some fabric to match the bathroom towels. Oh, and that's the other thing - bathroom curtains. I still need to do that.

There's a few more thoughts rambling around in my head, but for now it's time to quit typing and start filing.....:)

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  1. I haven't been online in a few days, we had a snowstorm too. Enid didn't get much, but Fairview and Cleo Springs got quite a bit of snow.

    Will you be lonely with both Jena and Krissa gone?

    I can't believe the apt came with a TV!

  2. yea lucky her...mine doesn't! sigh.


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